Alyssa Riley McLintock was born on October 10, 2010. At the age of 5 months, on March 17th 2011,  Alyssa Riley was diagnosed with High Risk Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Tests revealed that her bone marrow was 98% leukemic cells. Her central nervous system (spinal fluid) also tested positive. Alyssa was only given a 30% chance for survival, a very poor prognosis. Only 3 babies a year in Canada are diagnosed with this. The doctors said they’ve never seen such a sick baby, and it was a miracle that she was still functioning. After dialysis and being intubated for a month, Alyssa endured 5 months of intensive chemo, six life threatening infections, she even stopped breathing on one occasion. Through all of this she has never stopped smiling. On August 31st 2011 at Toronto Sick Kids hospital Alyssa received a bone marrow transplant . Her father was her match (less than 2% chance of that happening). She didn’t have any major complications, and doctors were so amazed at how well she recovered. Alyssa was able to return home in early October. All her tests showed that she was doing well and was in full remission . Alyssa was able to enjoy her first birthday at home, which was definitely a celebration. On January 5th of this year, while at Alyssa’s routine clinic visit, blood tests showed that her leukemia had returned. It was already taking up 77% of her bone marrow. Her parents had been told when she was first diagnosed that the transplant was her one and only chance at beating this horrible disease. Alyssa didn’t have much time left, maybe a week, as her white cell count kept rising and her organs were starting to be affected. Then came some hope, a second chance. Alyssa was accepted to take part in a research study at St. Jude hospital in Memphis Tennessee. Alyssa will receive her mother’s Natural Killer cells and then a month later she will receive her mother’s stem cells. They’ve had success stories with this protocol and the doctors are very hopeful. After receiving a week of chemotherapy at McMaster Childrens hospital to suppress the leukemia so that she would make it to St. Jude, Alyssa and her parents flew down to Memphis, Tennessee on January 17th. Alyssa has started her treatment and will be at St. Jude hospital for a minimum of 4 months. Staying strong and always smiling, Alyssa truly is a miracle.

Parents: Mark McLintock and Jaime Renner

Brother: Jacob Dodd

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  • Hey Alyssa it’s Cameron, Happy belated birthday! just checking in to see how your doing, hope you feel much better

    1 Cameron Patterson said this (April 15, 2014 at 5:59 pm) Reply

  • Hello,

    Just thought I’d write a note to see how Alyssa is doing. I don’t see any recent posts, so I’m hoping no news is good news 🙂

    Well wishes being sent to you and your family.

    2 Mandy said this (September 6, 2013 at 4:16 pm) Reply

  • stay strong. never give up

    3 cameron Patterson said this (June 17, 2012 at 6:00 pm) Reply

  • im glad to hear alyssa’s doing so much better! We still think about her all the time 🙂

    4 cameron Patterson said this (June 17, 2012 at 5:56 pm) Reply

  • I had the pleasure to meet the grandparents’ of this little angel and they have nothing but kindness and happiness in their hearts. From what I hear Miss Alyssa is a strong, amazing child. I wish the best for her and her loving family. Get Well Soon sweet Alyssa!!

    5 Leslie Pyfrom said this (May 16, 2012 at 9:16 am) Reply

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