Happy 3rd Birthday! :)

It has been a long time since my last post, which seems to be an ongoing theme and I am sorry for that. A lot has been going on with Alyssa and to be honest, I haven’t been wanting to think about it. It’s very emotional for me and I’m still not ready to talk about it all. I will share that it is about her lungs, and there is no clear diagnosis. I will post soon once I hopefully receive more answers from her doctors.

However, we do have good news 🙂 Alyssa has been to St. Jude Children’s hospital for more visits and her chimerism results still show that she is 100% donor 2 (my cells)!!! Yay!!! Also, in 5 more days, on October 15th, we will be celebrating Alyssa being in remission for 1 year and 7 months!! Her next visit to St. Jude in Memphis will not be until the end of March for her 2 year follow up and testing. Until then, Alyssa will be followed here at McMaster and is in the process of seeing a Pulmonary Specialist at Toronto Sick Kids.

Alyssa has grown a bit taller, but still struggling to gain weight. Her speech has improved immensely and my job as a translator has now gone down to a part time position 😉 Alyssa is mastering potty training, which she is so very proud of herself.

Alyssa has a love for animals, all animals, except for turtles and elephants which she wants nothing to do with them. Her love of cats is tremendous, I sometimes wonder if she’s part cat haha She will meow like one, she jumps into baskets and boxes, then she just relaxes in them. She will watch youtube videos of cats and kittens all day if you were to let her. She now carries around a stuffed animal kitty cat, that must sleep with her, and go wherever she goes at ALL times.

She knows that I am seriously afraid of spiders, so if you ask her what mommy says when she sees a spider she will put up her hands and scream, “Ahhh!” It’s so cute!

With everything going on with Alyssa’s health lately, we will be isolating her a lot more now, especially since flu and RSV season is upon us. This means we will probably not be taking her trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be spent at home with no visitors. Unfortunately, these are the kind of precautions we need to take to make sure Alyssa’s health doesn’t decline and prevent us from being admitted into the hospital. So, maybe this year Alyssa will just go trick-or-treating inside the house, she can visit all of her stuffed animals and they will hand her some treats and goodies 🙂

Today is a very special day…..Alyssa’s 3rd birthday!!! It will of course be a small celebration at home with balloons, cake, presents and love. Miss Alyssa received one early birthday present two days ago….her pink race car bed. My little girl LOVES cars and trucks. Her favourites are the big transport trucks and garbage trucks. She cheers whenever we see them while driving in the car. Monday is garbage day where we are and she gets so excited for the garbage and recycling trucks to come to our house.

So, later when big brother comes home we will be opening presents and enjoying an Elmo cake picked out by the birthday girl. It’s amazing to be celebrating 3 years of life with Alyssa. We were told so many times that we would probably never see this day. Our little girl is a true miracle, a special gift to us that we will always treasure and be grateful for.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little peanut Alyssa, you have taught me so much….how to fight, never give up, how to find strength when you feel defeated, how to hold on to hope, and about endless love. My sweet girl you are my inspiration, my hero, my super girl. xoxoxoxo

Just incase you missed it before, Alyssa has a Facebook page, so if you want to send her a friend request it is Alyssa Riley McLintock. I post more frequent little updates and pictures on there. 🙂


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  • Hope you had a wonderful 3rd birthday sweet Alyssa. You are constantly in our thoughts. Look how big your getting. From this day forward whenever we see a truck, we will be wishing for Alyssa happiness, health and sweet dreams in her pink race car bed.

    1 Susan & Ryan said this (November 11, 2013 at 4:45 am) Reply

  • So nice to hear how Allyssa is doing, and to see pics of her she sure has grown , and is so beautifull. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday to your precious baby God bless xoxoxo

    2 margaret roy said this (October 11, 2013 at 5:52 pm) Reply

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