St. Jude’s pilot Study of Haploidentical Natural Killer Cell Infusions for Poor Prognosis Infant ALL.

Alyssa will receive chemo conditioning for approximately one week. Then she will be infused with Jaime`s NK cells, these cells will be “set loose” in Alyssa`s body for the purpose of killing the cancer cells. One month later Alyssa will be re-admitted, and transplanted with stem cells from Jaime. The stem cell transplant will allow the NK cells to permanently grow in Alyssa`s body.

Natural Killer Cells (NK) are a type of lymphocyte (a white blood cell) within the body’s immune system (infection fighting system). These NK cells specifically target cells in the body that are infected by viruses, helping to stop the viruses from spreading. NK cells have also been found to attack and “kill” some cancer cells. The NK cells used in this treatment will come from a person who is called a partially matched family member donor. This being Jaime.

NK cells will be used to treat the type of cancer that is not responding (refractory) to standard treatment. This means that the cancer is difficult to cure. The effects of giving donor natural killer cells together with chemotherapy as a type of treatment will be studied. Since it is not known if this treatment will work or the long-term effects of this treatment, this is a research study.

As this study is nearing the end, early signs indicate that the treatment has shown to be very promising. They have also used this treatment on other similar cancers, with very good results.

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  • Hi, just to let you know I have read alot of you information and can relate it in every way. Our son Jack had a bone marrow last year and up until of late was doing ok, but has had a lot of GVHD. we are now worried about him because although he has and always has had 100 chimerism. He also has an inversion (16) which was showing in his bone marrow aspiration. The doctor was confused because she said you cannot have both. so we are worried about the results. I know how you feel about each day. Each day is blessing. It is very hard when you think all is going well and then you get a kick in the teeth. I am so glad your little one is doing well and hope that it keeps going your way.

    Kind regards steve

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